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Paul is a self-taught DP with a lifetime of experience. His background in theater, art and music give him a strong foundation and discerning eyes and ears. In the late 70’s, he worked in LA in a live theater shooting video and designing and recording audio programs (including original music underscores). During this time he continued to develop his lighting and audio skills.  In the early 80’s he founded Merlin Productions and began producing short videos for local hospitals, schools, and corporations. Over the years he discovered that his true calling was shooting.  He values his experiences as a producer because they have made him a better shooter. (You can never get enough B-Roll).  Since 1990 he’s been shooting for CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, CNN, CNNsi, Procter & Gamble, GE, NCR, and a host of other broadcast and corporate entities.

Kelley began his video career in the mid 1980’s while attending Wright State University. His first job in the industry was as an assembly editor for a local cable insertion operation. He quickly worked his way up to senior producer and began writing, shooting and posting a variety of projects.He joined Merlin Productions in 1996 and has since shot hundreds of hours of  for both cable and broadcast networks.Kelley is best known for his ability to obtain interesting and unique camera perspectives in a wide range of challenging environments and conditions. Whether he is standing his ground against a curious (and hungry) Komodo dragon or interviewing a fortune 500 CEO, you can count on Kelley’s diverse experience, enthusiasm and dedication to make your project a success.

Senior Audio Specialist Curt Britton brings 30 years of audio, electronics, and entertainment experience to the field. When he’s without a microphone, fader, or TelePrompter in his hand, you'll find Curt behind the board, mixing melody at local festivals and clubs, in the recording studio, or at the bench re-building vintage vacuum tube electronics. As with the rest of the Merlin crew, Curt also plays music: the bass guitar and other instruments.

     Merlin Productions LLC has the distinction as being one of the top video production companies in Ohio. Paul Cronley and Kelley Marchal, Merlin's Directors of Photography, head up the field production department and have well over 50 years of combined experience. We've built our reputation by shooting for all the major crewing agencies as well as broadcast services to local, national network and cable companies and corporate clients.

     Do you need an HD Crew in Ohio? No problem. We have a Canon C-300 package with a great selection of lenses. Other packages include the Panasonic HPX170 P2 , the Sony EX3 XDcam or the Panasonic HDX900 with the PIX-240 digital recorder. Need a different camera or format? We have developed great relationships with area rental houses with all the gear you need! Whether it's a live shot, beautifully lit sit down interview or creative B-roll...we've got you covered!

     To compliment our camera selection our trucks are loaded to the gills with LED, HMI and Tungsten lighting, broadcast audio packages, fluid head tripods, HD monitors, grip gear, LCD Teleprompter, green screen, on-site editing...and most importantly the experienced crews to help tell your story.

     We also have a full Final Cut Pro and Adobie Premier Pro editing suites. By employing our high end shooting and editing standards you can be sure your video will stand out and your message understood.

     You can count on us to get the job done right. We look forward to working with you!

Camera Proficiencies: CanonC-300-Canon-5DmkII-PanasonicHDX900  Panasonic HPX170 Sony PMWF3L- Sony PDW 700-Sony PDW 800-Sony PMW350-Sony EX3-PIX 240 recorder

Camera Proficiencies: Canon C-300-Panasonic HDX900-Panasonic HPX170 Sony PMWF3L- Sony PDW 700-Sony PDW 800-Sony PMW350-Sony-EX3 PIX 240 recorder

Paul Cronley

Kelley Marchal